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2,021 in 2021 Challenge Leaderboard Jan – Oct

Participants keep an eye out for invitations to the end of year celebration. We can’t wait to enjoy an awesome Chillfest with you and celebrate all of the miles you’ve spent outdoors this year.

If you have questions about your miles please contact

1Ed GMurrysville5525.9
2Robert H3878.3
3Don RGlenshaw3662
4Linda SGlenshaw3339
5Robert JWexford3137.33
6Wayne  G3080.21
7Vicky CPittsburgh2972.2
8Gina DMurrysville2755.17
10David L2486
11Judith Y2280
12Gary M2266
13Kimberly DEllwood City2263.26
14John L2201.5
15Katherine V2199.75
16Julie MPittsburgh2101.37
17Mara  A2087.04
18Jim LPittsburgh2056
19Stacie CPittsburgh2009.71
20Alexander MPittsburgh1973.7
21Edward (EJ) DPittsburgh1959
22Peg MPittsburgh1889
23Jolene TZelienople1833
24Mary LPittsburgh1784
25Kelly SWilkinsburg1760.67
26Helen SPittsburgh1707.98
27Elizabeth (Libby) M1676.21
28Thomas HPittsburgh1672.48
29Beth GButler1670.3
30Jehnie BPittsburgh1613.8
31Tobin SPittsburgh1596.51
32Brian TZelienople1587
33Roseanne SPittsburgh1572
34Jami N1497.85
35Kathleen GALLISON PARK1461
36Chris FLATROBE1345
37Rachel KPittsburgh1339
38Brian BPittsburgh1337
39Anthony HPittsburgh1322.95
40Samuel BPITTSBURGH1286
41Val C1253
42Michael T1152
43Samone R1130.5
44Amy MPittsburgh1119
45Jen KPittsburgh1115.3
46Christina F1098.6
47Linda  W1079.64
48Jennifer FPittsburgh1075
49Niko JPITTSBURGH1072.9
50Bill Y1065
51Adrianne C992
52Joy PFlagstaff961.3
53Mary OPittsburgh957
54Dionne B947
55Kathy C947
56Peggy SWexford942.4
57June BGibsonia896
58Rhian KOakmont886.5
59Elisa Toakmont875
60Lisa C868
61Lori C860
62Chris  B815
63Amy N812
64MarySue CClairton802
65Ted  F753
66MaryEllen G735.85
67Priscilla J731
68Erica F688
69Michele OPittsburgh686
70Eric S655
71Carole HPittsburgh615.15
73Valerie B602
74Susan TNorth Huntingdon595.85
75Dave O584
76Libby M551.12
77Doreen H545.07
78Jan FValencia526.44
79Paul  S525
80Marah F493
81Liv O455
82Lynn MPittsburgh452.3
83Katelyn BPittsburgh432.3
84Cindy PBridgeville431.11
85Lo ZPittsburgh427.7
86Jon M419
87Cynthia SPittsburgh398.12
88Nathan O395
89Beth BPittsburgh394
90Esther SPittsburgh393
91Susan Cpittsburgh388.7
92Lynn W376.75
93Patty LPittsburgh349
94Nancy EPittsburgh340
95Kari C337
96Russ HButler324.4
97Kristin KWexford317
98Susan OBrownsville301
99Diana WPITTSBURGH295.67
100Kie MPittsburgh280.5
101Erin F273
102Sam  S265
103Sarah YElysburg260
104Patricia M252.1
105Marley T240
106Diana BBradfordwoods233.5
107George B227.29
108Danielle C224.3
109Scott H221.5
110Ruthie T219.5
111Tom C197
112Julie A191
113ERIN MPittsburgh177.1
114Alexis TPittsburgh173
115Belinda B169
116Jeremy T149.5
117Barbara K149
118Kevin H139.1
119Aubrie M127
120Pat T115.5
121Andrew B111.46
122Rosie M109
123Cait  G103
124Lorey BPittsburgh98
125Sue C95
126Michael H92
127Mary Jo SPittsburgh84.17
128Nyalana M84
129Katie UCoraopolis84
130Rakemah M82
131Will M80.4
132Celeste S80
133Lois BPittsburgh64.75
134Annie M57
135Brenda M51.8
136Mark M45
137Mary  N45
138Kathryn ZLeechburg36
139Casey H35
140Bryce M34
141Jodie Lynn SMunhall27
143Carolyn SPittsburgh22
144Karla MAllison park18
145Courtney CPittsburgh10
146Madeline F8
147Teresa PPittsburgh5.5
148Christina B3
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