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Trip Leader Volunteers

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About Venture Outdoors Trip Leaders

Trip Leaders are key in removing barriers to getting outdoors. Our Trip Leaders are trained and trusted to lead folks into the outdoors for hikes, bike rides, paddle trips and more.

As a Venture Outdoors Trip Leader we’ll train you in facilitation, wilderness safety, and group dynamics. We prepare you to feel confident in handling what comes with getting groups outside. You can take these skills with you to your next adventure. Best of all, as a Trip Leader, you’re giving back to your community and connecting with others.  


Contact Alyssa Crawford
412-255-0564 ext 229

Trip Leader Perks

  • Free Venture Outdoors gear
  • Free Membership to Venture Outdoors
  • Receive training in: outdoor leadership, paddling, cycling, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, and/or leave no trace
  • Build a volunteer schedule that works for YOU
  • Feel good knowing you’re creating access to outdoor experiences

How to Become a Trip Leader

2. Attend a Trip

You’ll be paired with an experienced Venture Outdoors Trip Leader who’ll take you on a trip for free and show you the ropes.

3. Train

We’ll train you in Outdoor Leadership, First Aid, & CPR. Optional training in paddling, cycling, fishing, hiking, and mountain biking.

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