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2023-2024 ECS Aftercare Student Wellbeing Paperwork Packet

Parents: please complete this form within 1-2 weeks of registering your child for the Venture Outdoors aftercare program at ECS Intermediate (and prior to the first day of school). We may contact you for additional information. This form takes about 15 minutes to complete.

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Student Information

Student Name(Required)
Student Address(Required)
Grade Entering in Fall 2023(Required)
Registered Aftercare Option
Select the aftercare option that you have already registered and paid for.
Parent/Guardian Name(Required)

Emergency Contacts

Fill in emergency contact information – can be a parent/guardian, relative, family friend, etc. You CAN include the same parent that you previously listed above in the emergency contact list if applicable.
Emergency Contact #1 – Name(Required)
Emergency Contact #2 – Name(Required)
Emergency Contact #3 – Name(Required)
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