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Advanced Kayaking & Water Rescue Classes

  • Samone Riddle

What happens if my kayak flips over? Wonder no more! 

Come learn rescue techniques from experienced Venture Outdoors A.C.A. (American Canoe Association) certified kayak instructors. The course will take place in a flatwater indoor pool setting.

This two session course will be held at the Allegheny Traditional Academy swimming pool in the North Side and will have both out-of-water and in-water components. The course will cover the following: personal preparation for kayaking, key swimming skills, self rescues, assisted rescues and tows, and important rescue equipment.

Two Classes with 2 session each:

  • Jan 4 and Jan 11, 2023
  • Jan 18 and Jan 24, 2023

While time requirements of an ACA Level One Flatwater Course can vary based on the needs and goals of the participants, attendees of this course should expect the content to be covered over the course of both sessions. Participants must attend both sessions to complete the course. 

This course is designed for participants with previous kayaking experience. While it does not need to be extensive, this course does not contain in-depth beginner-level instruction.

A detailed pre-course description with introductory video resources and course expectations will be sent in advance. Boats, paddles, PFDs, and rescue gear are all provided for the course. 

To make your paddling adventures safer, sign up today! Please email for any questions. 

We will see you on the water!

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