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2,021 Miles in 2021 Challenge Leaderboard

We’re one-third of the way through our 2,021 miles challenge! All of our participants are doing a great job getting their miles in so far. We have even had some people pass 1,000 miles already!

Have you been tracking your miles? You can still join the challenge here.

Don’t see your miles or think your number is off? Contact

This leaderboard is as of May 15, 2021, and includes miles from Jan – April 2021.

1Ed G. Murrysville1387.6
2Robert J.Wexford1196
3Don R.Glenshaw891
4Linda S.Glenshaw889
5Cindy G.Kittanning839
6Kelly S. Wilkinsburg834.04
7Wayne C.832.3
8Amy N.812
9John L.785
10Vicky C.Pittsburgh784.3
11Gina D.Murrysville749
12Priscilla J.731
13Gary M.724
14Jolene T.Zelienople709
15Jim L.Pittsburgh694
16Elizabeth M.691.27
17Julie M.Pittsburgh678.12
18Edward D.Pittsburgh649
19Judith Y.644.31
20Katherine V.622.75
21Chris F.Latrobe622
22Dionne B.617
23Helen S.Pittsburgh614.7
24Jehnie B.Pittsburgh601.5
25Mara A.595.25
26Michele O.Pittsburgh590
27Kimberly D.Ellwood CIty553.3
28June B.GIbsonia550.38
29Thomas H.Pittsburgh546.08
30Tobin S.Pittsburgh532.39
31Samuel B.Pittsburgh512
32Peggy S.Wexford511.8
33Mary L.Pittsburgh501
34Dave L.Pittsburgh500
35Valerie B.469
36Stacie C.Pittsburgh465.27
37Jami N.455
38Roseanne S.Pittsburgh448
39Rachel K.Pittsburgh439
40Brian T.Zelienople432
41Michael T.425
43Brian B.Pittsburgh414
44Cynthia S.Pittsburgh398.12
45Esther S.Pittsburgh393
46Libby M.Allegheny392
47Jan F.Valencia381.44
48Niko J.Pittsburgh378.8
49Joy P.Flagstaff369.3
50Jen K.Pittsburgh366.3
51Amy M.Pittsburgh366
52Kathleen G.Allison Park359
53Mary O.Pittsburgh356
54Robert H.354
55Patty L.Pittsburgh349
56Nathan O.Pittsburgh345
57Russ H.Butler324.4
58Kristin K.Wexford317
59Rhian K.Oakmont313.5
60Susan O.Brownsville301
61Lo Z.299.7
62Beth G.Butler297
63Elisa Y.Oakmont274
64Erin F.273
65Ted F.272
66Sarah Y.Elysburg260
67Katelyn B.Pittsburgh258.3
68Marah F.258
69Carole H.Pittsburgh253.97
70Peg M.Pittsburgh233
71Erica F.225
72Samone R.Wilkinsburg225
73Danielle C.224.3
74Scott H.221.5
75Lori C.Clairton207
76Jennifer F.Pittsburgh202
77Lynn W.197.5
78Kathy C.Clairton196
79Grace M.Pittsburgh182
80Erin M.Pittsburgh177.1
81Val C.Clairton169
82Belinda B.169
83Lynn M.Pittsburgh162.3
84Cindy P.Bridgeville156.11
85Eric S.152
86Adrianne C.Clairton147
87Bill S.145
88Susan T.North Huntington144.1
89Susan C.Pittsburgh143.7
90Kevin H.139.1
91Nancy E.Pittsburgh134
92Kie M.Pittsburgh130.5
93Diana W.Pittsburgh122.28
94Paul S.115
95Sam S.115
96Andrew B.111.46
97Lisa C.Clairton105
98Cait G.103
99Lorey B.Pittsburgh98
100Michael H.92
101Mary Jo S.Pittsburgh84.17
102Katie U.Coraopolis84
103Will M.80.4
104Alexis T.72
105Sue C.70
106Ruthie T.Pittsburgh68
107Jon M.Pittsburgh67
108Barbara K.66
109Lois B.Pittsburgh64.75
110Marley T.Pittsburgh64
111Beth B.Pittsburgh53
112Brenda M.51.8
113MarySue C.Clairton50
114Diana B.Bradford Woods50
115Pat T.49
116George B.Bradford Woods48
117Mark M.45
118Celeste S.44
119Patricia M.40.1
120Jeremy T.Pittsburgh39
121MaryEllen G.38
122Kathryn Z.Leechburg36
123Casey H.35
124Bryce M.34
125Aubrie M.Pittsburgh27
126Rosie M.Pittsburgh27
127Jodie L. Munhall27
128Kari C.Clairton25
129Mike H.Pittsburgh25
130Annie M.Pittsburgh24
131Carolyn S.Pittsburgh22
132Karla M.Allison Park18
133Nyalana M.Pittsburgh16
134Rakemah M.Pittsburgh14
135Christina F.13
136Tom C.Clairton10
137Courtney C.Pittsburgh10
138Madeline F.8
139Teresa P.Pittsburgh5.5
140Christina B.3

Eden Auslander

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