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Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour


Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival comes to Pittsburgh’s Kelly Strayhorn Theater April 1 and 2, 2022.

Stand on the highest peaks, ski the steepest slopes, and be a part of the gripping adventures waiting for you in this year’s Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour. From exploring remote landscapes to adrenaline-fueled action sports, films selected for the 2022 World Tour are sure to captivate and amaze you. Be moved. Be inspired.

Friday NIght Films, April 1

A Dog’s Tale (Tour Edit)

2021, Canada, 5 minutes
Filmmaker: Darren McCullough, Darcy Wittenburg, Anthill
Films Advisory: General
There’s something primal about the feeling of the forest floor under your paws and smelling a thousand different smells all at once. The freedom of the trail is what we long for.

Can’t Beat This Place For Fun

2020, USA, 14 minutes
Filmmaker: Dawn Kish, John Tveten, Dawn Kish Photo and Film LLC
Advisory: General
Fretwater Boatworks is keeping the tradition of wooden dory building alive! These beautiful boats honour the dreams of Grand Canyon pioneer Martin Litton and encourage advocacy to help preserve these wild places.

Precious Leader Woman

2021, Canada, 47 minutes
Filmmaker: Cassie De Colling, Mack Stannard, Hayley Morin, Kiddo Films Inc.
Advisory: General
This is snowboarder Spencer O’Brien’s story from childhood to the world stage, coming full circle to embrace her identity and Indigenous heritage as she pushes forward, bringing her heart and soul to her next challenge, the backcountry.

Jump To Zero

2020, 8 minutes
Filmmaker: Drew Herder, Jaime Cantarovici, Adin Baird, Poptop Productions, Left of Creek
Advisory: General
A story of three BASE jumpers finding new ways to follow their passion while reducing the impact on their environment.

INSIDE- A Hole New Ski Experience

2021, Austria, 11 minutes
Filmmaker: Stefan Ager, Andreas Gumpenberger, Lensecape Productions
Advisory: General
After an amazing ski tour at the Grand Ferrand massive in France, where you can ski through stunning rock caves, a few skiers decide to take it to the next level in a huge cave in Slovenia.

REEL ROCK 15: Action Directe

2020, USA, 16 minutes
Filmmaker: Zachary Barr, Josh Lowell, REEL ROCK
Advisory: General
French powerhouse Melissa Le Nevé spends seven years battling insane moves, inner doubt, and the burden of history to climb the most revered sport route on earth.

Breaking Trail

2021, USA, 30 minutes
Filmmaker: Jesse Roesler, James Mills, Jen Larson Roesler, Credo Nonfiction
Advisory: General
Amidst Covid-19 surges and civil unrest, Emily Ford and sled dog Diggins set out to thru-hike the 1,900 km Ice Age Trail in winter.

Saturday Night FIlms, April 2

A Foreign Native (Tour Edit)

2021, Austria, 49 minutes
Filmmaker: Jonas Abenstein, Karin Lechner, NINE&ONE, Red Bull Media House
Advisory: General
A professional skier leaves his familiar world behind and spends close to a year in Iran. When military activity
ramps up in January and Covid-19 hits in February of 2020 his journey takes a very different route. Learning Farsi and playing the Tanbur, he goes to explore the south of Iran with his new and old friends.

Markus Eder’s The Ultimate Run

2021, Austria, 10 minutes
Filmmaker: Christoph Thoresen, Daniel Schiessl, Tobi Reindl, Legs Of Steel, Red Bull Media House
Advisory: General
What if you could link every powder turn, every rail, every cliff drop, every comp run and every kicker nailed into one ultimate run? Well, Markus Eder is doing just that!


2020, USA, 14 minutes
Filmmaker: Gerrit Vyn, Conservation Media at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Advisory: General
There has been pressure for nearly four decades to build a road through Alaska’s Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Gerrit Vyn explores the area to document its wildlife and wilderness, before it’s too late.

REEL ROCK 15: Deep Roots

2020, USA, 35 minutes
Filmmaker: Josh Lowell, Nick Rosen, Brett Lowell, Peter Mortimer, REEL ROCK
Advisory: Coarse Language
Lonnie Kauk’s personal journey to honor his indigenous Yosemite roots, and to connect with his legendary father by repeating his iconic climbs.

Never in the Way

2020, Canada, 6 minutes
Filmmaker: Colin Jones, Darcy Wittenburg, Anthill Films
Advisory: General
Chicago-based bike messenger, Nico Deportago-Cabrera, sees city maps like a central nervous system where everything is connected. ‘The point,’ he says, ‘is to never be in the way. If you’re never in the way, then you’re always right where you need to be.

Samone Riddle

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