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Get a Closer Look at the NEW Venture Outdoors

New Look. Same Mission.  

After 20 years as the Venture Outdoors mascot, Jumping Jo is retiring. Yep, he told us to tell yinz “Thanks for a great time, see yinz aht doors.”  

Now it’s time to find a new logo to represent the ways in which we serve Pittsburgh.  

We needed something that was as fun as our programs, as diverse as our city, and as professional as our staff. Thanks to our Marketing Manager, Samone Riddle, we’ve got the perfect thing!  

Get a Closer Look at the New Logo 

The new Venture Outdoors logo features a landscape that better represents the ways in which we get outdoors, including our rivers, our parks, and our city. While we love hiking through mountains, we recognize that most of our programs are held in the heart of Pittsburgh. We host youth programs at their schools, and local parks. We rent kayaks along the Allegheny River and North Park.  

The new color pallet includes a wider range of colors to represent the diversity of programs we offer and audiences we serve. We chose a retro muted rainbow to give us a blast from the past. Think back to your first puffy camping vest from the 1970’s.  

Most of all, we wanted to show that it doesn’t matter HOW you choose to venture outdoors, as long as you’re finding your way to the benefits of getting outside.  

Download the new logo 

Partners, sponsors, and media can download our new logo on our About Page. Simply scroll to the bottom.  

Gear up with the new logo 

Venture Outdoors shop is coming soon! 

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