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Meet Lorina

Meet Lorina

Age 7
Summer Camper

“She’s quite a bit more confident after attending Venture Outdoors Summer Camp”

– Kirill (Lorina’s Parent)

Lorina learned to kayak, bike, and fish with us the Venture Outdoors Summer Camps. On her second trip biking she was having trouble keeping up with the group. One of the other campers, a young boy who wanted to help, ran back and gave her a push to get her momentum going again. Not only did the campers learn new skills and built confidence, they made friends, and learned to be kind to one another.

Kirill, Lorina’s parent, can really see a difference. He was hesitant for her to do some of the activities, like kayaking. But now, “she’s a pro” he says.

Venture Outdoors creates over 5,000 outdoor experiences for youth the Greater Pittsburgh area. Between after-school session, in-school programs, and community programs we’ve taught thousands of youth over the years. Many of them are biking or kayaking for the first time in their lives.

We’re here to inspire, educate, and equip youth to explore the outdoors and find what helps them grow into happy and healthy adults with a love of nature.

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