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Indoor Paddle Courses

  • Samone Riddle

Learn to Kayak this Winter with Indoor Pool Classes 

At Kayak Pittsburgh, we won’t let the cold winter months keep us from getting on the water. This winter, we’re bringing kayaking inside! Join us at Allegheny Traditional Academy as we offer multiple types of pool kayaking classes.  

Pool kayaking is great for those who want to learn in a very controlled environment – no currents, motorboat traffic, or bad weather! Those with little to no experience on the water can take comfort in the fact that they are learning in a clear pool with our trained instructors on the water with them. It’s not just for beginners either – kayaking in a pool provides a great opportunity for experienced kayakers to practice what they already know as well as learn new techniques for paddling and rescuing that can help them on any body of water. 

Choose between

Beginner: Indoor Paddle Course

Our Beginner Pool Paddle Courses are designed for paddlers with little to no experience on the water that want to learn the basics. We’ll start the course on land going over parts of a kayak and the necessary equipment. We’ll then introduce the proper paddling strokes to use when going forwards, backwards, turning, or stopping. After that, participants and instructors will get in the pool to work on what they’ve learned. Our trained Kayak Pittsburgh Excursionists will make sure each participant remains safe and gets all the help you need.  

Intermediate: Flatwater Kayak Rescue Training

If you already feel comfortable taking a kayak out on the water, we have classes that can take your paddling to the next level. The Flatwater Rescue Training classes are two-part courses that introduce safety equipment and resources to use to ensure all your kayaking trips go smoothly and teach participants multiple techniques for rescuing themselves and other paddlers while on the water.  

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