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Molly Campe she/her
Community Program Manager

1. Briefly tell us about your background: where did you grow up, where did you go to school, and what brought you to Venture Outdoors?

I went to high school in Pittsburgh and was in the first graduating class of CAPA in the downtown building. I went to NYU and stayed in New York for just under 20 years and now I’m back! Since I worked at Kayak Pittsburgh the summer between high school and college, VO was one of my first Insta follows when moving back and I jumped on the opportunity to work for such a cool organization.

2. Describe your role at Venture Outdoors in 10 words or less.

I curate and coordinate the programming for older adults (50+).

3. If you had to pick only one recreational activity to practice for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I row crew with Three Rivers Rowing Association and I LOVE IT. At the age of 37 with no rowing experience, I jumped into their Learn-to-Row program headfirst and emerged with a group of amazing friends. We work hard and get sweaty while enjoying the best view of Pittsburgh: from the water on the Allegheny at sunset.

4. What are your top five favorite outdoors/travel destinations?

Bear Mountain, preferably accessed after riding my bike across the GW and up Route 9W.
Breakneck Ridge (Hudson Highlands, NY)
Mt Tammany (Delaware Water Gap)
Emerald Bay (Lake Tahoe)
Frick Park, Tranquil Trail
Sidebar: I have never been to the Pacific Northwest, so I imagine this will be one of my favorite places in the world, once I get there.

5. What is your favorite forest/camping snack?

 I love the Macadamia Nut Clif bars – the taste the same even if you melt them or freeze them in your pack!

6. Name three people in history (dead or alive) with whom you would want to take on a Venture Outdoors program of your choice. 

  1. I’m going to count my partner and two kids as one person – there is a plan I have for Australia and New Zealand that I cannot wait to do with them!
  2. Appalachian Trail with Elizabeth Bennett – default, Jane Austen. She loved to walk and would be an incredible conversationalist.
  3. I’d like to hike the route of the Trail of Tears with Indigenous leaders. I don’t know enough about that atrocity or the continued effects to those forced out of those lands.

7. What is the earliest memory you have of being outside?

We had a huge ravine behind the house I lived in during kindergarten and I have vivid memories of flipping rocks and finding salamanders and worms that I collected with dirt in the back of my cozy coup.

8. Any hidden talents?

I love to sing.

9. What is your favorite song (or album) right now?

Dearly Departed (Feat. Esme Patterson) by Shakey Graves

10. What is your biggest challenge nowadays?

Embracing the reinvention of myself as a working parent.
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