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Our students visited the Capitol Building and here’s their takeaway

On March 27, APOST organized ACTION DAY in Harrisburg. Over 100 youth and out-of-school-time staff and parents visited the state capital to meet with representatives and participate in a pep rally to bring more awareness to the importance of afterschool. Venture Outdoors had the privilege of bringing along five students from Manchester Academic Charter School. Thank you to APOST for organizing and creating this unique experience for the kids.


John, age 14, Wilkinsburg

I visited the capitol building of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg. It was fun. I went with Ms. Lo, my little sister, Leiah, Mikeya, Christa, and Jailyn. It was nice to go somewhere both with new people and people I already know. We ate breakfast, lunch, listened to the pep rally, met the state representative, Jake Wheatley, and more. It was fun to hear from other kids talk about their communities and afterschool experiences. I brought my sister along since she doesn’t get the chance to experience stuff like this (also, it may not happen again, so I want to spend time with her because I don’t really get to hang out with her a lot).


Leiah, age 10, Wilkinsburg

Today, my brother John invited me to go with him on a trip to Harrisburg with him to see the capital of Pennsylvania. I got to learn things I didn’t know about, such as more about afterschool programs and Harrisburg in general. We met state representative Jake Wheatley. We watched a pep rally, ate lunch, and explored the halls of The Capitol Building of Pennsylvania. It was a fun day and I’m glad my brother invited me. But we had to go up and down many flights of stairs – it made me out of breath.


Mikeya, age 13, Northside

Today was great because I was in a completely new space with many people that I did not know. It was my first time being in the Capitol building and my first time in Harrisburg. It was a fun experience for me. What I learned today is that people really care about afterschool programs and cares about the kids. Overall, this was very fun.


Christa, age 11, Northside

I learned many things at the Capitol Building today: most importantly, that If you don’t speak up, you won’t be heard. All of the people there were very welcoming, kind, and respectful. Also… we ate lunch in the cafeteria, which was very clean despite all its visitors (the chicken tenders were very good).


Jailyn, age 14, Northside

My experience today was shocking in a good way. I didn’t expect for this trip to go this way. I thought It was going to be boring but it turned out to be a great experience. Jake Wheatley made me more aware of how important afterschool is and how having people look out for you, like the adults in our afterschool programs, is a great thing.

Representative Wheatley also made me more aware about the school system: if I want to change it, I have to speak up. He suggested that I participate in my school council, speak up to my teachers, or ask my parents to become involved if I want to see a change. This trip to the state capitol building made me aware of how important the youth is and how our voice can change the world.

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