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Tips for Reaching your 2021 Miles Goals 

Tips for Reaching your 2021 Miles Goals in Winter

What are your 2021 goals? Are you like the hundreds of folx signed up for the 2,021 in 2021 challenge? Winter (especially this winter) is a hard time to stay on track with your outdoor miles goals. With the fairly consistent snow and icy days it’s hard to stay motivated.  

Here are some tips to keep you outdoor and active this through the winter so you can stay on track with your goals.  

Don’t shy away from snow 

Is it snowing? Sledding counts for miles in the 2,021 in 2021 ChallengeRunning for your life in a snowball fight counts too. Get out to Boyce Park to try skiing or snow-tubing. Take a walk to find the clearest snow patch to make some snow ice cream. 

Got kids?  

Set up a distance and race ‘emMix it up for more fun: sprints, backwards, crab walk, etc. Remember to drink water and take breaks in between (unless you have better endurance than the kids) 


Walk your dog! A daily walk with your dog (or cat) can regularly boost your numbers, and your heart rate. Don’t have a dog? Take a walk through the park and try to identify other people’s dogs by type. 

Engage Your Lunchtime 

Walk for 30 minutes on your lunch break with someone from your household. It’s a great way to connect and stay active during the day. 

Try a new sport 

Did you know that basketball players run about 2 miles per game and tennis players run about 3 miles per game? Play a few games or matches with the family. 

Bike to boost your miles  

Adding a 5 mile bike ride to the park every other day will put 15-20 miles on your week in about 30 minutes. Bike to your favorite snack spot. Totally worth it! Plus, you’ll be in shape to bike this Summer when you can get some long distance rides in to meet your goals.  

Join a Frick Park Stroll for Free 

Still not motivated? We’ll walk WITH you. We’re talking a stroll through Frick Park on MondayTuesday, and Wednesday the week of February 22. Let’s take a hike together to talk about goals for 2021.

Rest now, that’s okay too 

Also know that you don’t have to push it right now. Even if your name isn’t on the leaderboard yet, you can always make a comeback this summer.  Take it easy, friends!

2,021 in 2021 Challenge

Take the challenge.

There’s still time to sign up for the 2,021 in 2021 challenge. Hike, bike, walk, sled, kayak a total of 2, 021 miles this year. Your registration gets you a shirt, a medal, and an invitation to the end-of-year celebration.

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