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Venture Outdoors releases RFP for new floating kayak concession

While you won’t be seeing Kayak Pittsburgh’s well known yellow ‘yaks in Downtown this summer, plans are underway to bring them back en masse next year!

However, given our skillset is outdoor experiences, we’re going to need a bit of help.

We’ve recently released a Request for Proposals to secure a company to provide project management, design and construction of our highly anticipated floating kayak concession! You can read all the details and submit a response by clicking below.

The new floating structure is anticipated to be completed in May 2023 and we’ll certainly throw one heck of a celebration on opening day!

In the meantime, you can find our Dahntahn fleet up the Allegheny at a new pilot location in Sharpsburg.

Submitted Questions & Answers

Venture Outdoors understands that a detailed construction cost sheet is dependent upon finalization of the design. For the purposes of the RFP response, we are looking for a rough estimate in order to allocate sufficient capital to this project in our budget. Please include any caveats/assumptions/exclusions you feel are necessary to qualify your estimate. (e.g., grade and type of materials used, limits on quantities or functionality, etc). Please assume Union contracts.  Please also note as per the evaluation criteria, costs account for 10% of the scoring, so while we will be considering cost, it is not a primary driver. 

Detailed costs and payment schedules will be included as part of the subsequent contracts with the selected bidder. The contract may be executed in two parts – a first part for design and professional fees and a second part for build once the final design has been agreed upon. Change orders may be executed for any departures from the agreed upon design. 

Should we submit a full construction cost as part of our proposal? Or just our design, engineering, and construction management fees for the project?

Yes. This will assist our team in final fundraising costs.

Can you list any vendors that Venture Outdoors / Kayak Pittsburgh will provide as part of the total project, therefore we would exclude from our scope? For example: Security/Access Control, A/V, and/or IT.

We will provide security, A/V and IT consultants for operation of the project. Any necessary utilities/security will be the responsibility of the contractor during construction.

Where specifically are nearby utility connections for electric and water?

We will be utilizing electricity connections along the riverwalk associated with the Convention Center as per our lease agreement with the SEA.

A potable water source/solution is yet to be determined. Bathroom facilities will utilize river water for flushing. Hand-washing is yet to be determined. Drinking water for staff will be provided. Bottled water will be on sale for customers.

What ice diversion measures are desired?

We intend to design the structure so that it will be moved to a protected section of river in the winter months and are foregoing ice diversion at this time.

How many kayak launch slips are desired?

4 to 6 with 1 or 2 of those equipped with adaptive elements

Are the kayak launch slips to be included in the 40’x80’ area or will they be in addition to the 40’x80’ area?

The kayak launch slips will be in addition to the 40 x 80 dock and can be purchased.

What size structure is desired for the office, kayak storage, and restrooms?

Restroom facilities must be designed to accommodate ADA.

The office should be no less than 10 foot by 10 foot; flexible on size and layout but encompass enough space for two individuals to work at desks with door to close.

For the storage area, in our estimates we were using a 30 foot by 30 foot space. Kayaks may be stored hanging sideways on storage racks, similar to how they are currently stacked on the shelves at our North Park facility. Should provide enough space for 75 boats plus PFD, paddle and safety equipment storage.

Are there time of year restrictions in this area for construction work?

Construction would need to comply with all city ordinances and any other Authorities having jurisdiction along the waterway. Regarding restrictions from us, it would be driven by our event schedule, but we wouldn’t anticipate many conflicts in that area.

What are the design vessel particulars of the Gateway Clipper Fleet?

The largest vessel is 199’ x 50’ and the smallest vessel is 70’ x 18’.

Images by: Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

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