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What I Appreciate About Nature 

What I Appreciate About Nature

Venture Outdoors Staff Writer, Ebony Montgomery 

Life moves fast. It only seems to gain momentum with each requirement, responsibility, and relationship that is added to the mix. How do you get things to slow down?  How do you find moments of peace within the chaos of the day-to-day?  I retreat to nature.   

As we celebrate Earth Day, I want to reflect on why I appreciate being outside.    

Some of my earliest memories are of me hiking in the woods and searching for crawdads in streams.  This reminds me of the sense of fun and adventure that comes with childhood.  In those moments, I thought I was a young Steve Irwin.  My imagination ran wild, and time stood still.  As an adult, I chase after those moments, hoping to relive them as I once did.    

Today, nature is the place that revitalizes and relaxes me better than any spa treatment or five-star resort.  I believe that this is true as there is less distraction and stimulation in the wilderness.   

When you are immersed in nature, your entire attention is geared towards what you are doing.  Maybe you are focused on the terrain, careful to not trip as you climb. Perhaps it is the feeling of weightlessness that you experience while kayaking, or the sounds of gently moving water as you cast your line.    

When you are in nature, you can be entirely present in the moment. You disappear in the details of what you are doing, which relieves feelings of tension or anxiety. Your worries melt away as there are no emails, or text messages to return.  As a result, everything slows down.    

This picture at the top of this page is one of my favorites. I captured this while on the Youghiogheny River Lake last summer. It reminds me of how carefree I felt this day. The only thing on my mind was to avoid sunburn.  Everything seems simpler when in nature.   

I believe that all people deserve to have this experience. The Earth provides us with a sanctuary where we can escape the day to day by encountering the outdoors.  I encourage everyone to reconnect with nature, so that you too can find a sense of tranquility simply by going outside.   


Venture Outdoors wants to recognize the newest member of the team, Ebony Montgomery.  Ebony is our new Director of Development & Communications.  She has a background in working with non-profit organizations and in sports management.  She is most excited to encourage her neighbors in western Pennsylvania to enjoy the natural landscape of the region by helping them get outside.   


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