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Why Do You Volunteer?

By: Sara Cardamone
Whether Trip Leaders, interns, or event volunteers, we have many dedicated individuals working alongside us. We appreciate all of our volunteers and we couldn’t do it without them!
For today’s blog, we asked the question, “Why do you volunteer with Venture Outdoors?”. Here are some of their answers:
“Why do I volunteer for Venture Outdoors? Mostly for my eight-year-old daughter. I want Mollie to know that women can be bold and adventurous and just as cool and daring as men. We can hike and kayak and swim and geocache. We can do all the same stuff boys can do. We can lead and be listened to and taken seriously. Girls are awesome and being a Trip Leader models this for my girl who has come to think of herself as a “junior assistant trip leader.” Also? I like to be outside. And I like to teach. And I like to be active. What other gig would let me do all these things at once? It’s a privilege to be part of this group.” – Mara Addison

“I volunteer because I LOVE to see the look in someone’s eyes when they do something they never thought they would do and they not only do it but they love doing it and they want more! It is a way to be part of something bigger than myself and get folks hooked on nature in all seasons/weather!” – Nanci Goldberg

“I like introducing kids to the outdoors.” – Eric Steinbring

“Maggie Mae Steinbring leads doggie hikes cause she likes the sense of adventure…” – Eric Steinbring

“It’s a wonderful organization that introduced me and my kids to kayaking. Now I’m Trip Leader teaching kayaking and leading outings. The organization is Pittsburgh’s gateway to the outdoors in Western PA.” – Cheryl Taskey

If you are a current volunteer or are interested in volunteering, we encourage you to join us for our Annual Volunteer Meeting on Sunday, January 28, 4-7 PM. The meeting is a great way to meet other volunteers and learn about what’s coming up in 2018!

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