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2,021 Miles in 2021 Challenge Leaderboard – Jan – June

Looks like our 2021 Challenge participants are killing it! Keep up the good work and you’ll reach 2021 miles in no time.

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This leaderboard is as of July 28, 2021, and includes miles from Jan – June 2021.

1.Ed G.Murrysville2741.3
2.Robert J.Wexford1853
3.Robert H.1752.6
4.Wayne C.1612.6
5.Don R.Glenshaw1609
6.Linda S.Glenshaw1561
7.Vicky C.Pittsburgh1542.6
8.David L.1470
9.Cindy G.Kittanning1437
10.Gina D.Murrysville1391.96
11.John L.1267.5
12.Kelly S.Wilkinsburg1266.87
13.Jim L.Pittsburgh1141
14.Julie M.Pittsburgh1137.71
15.Mara A.1122.62
16.Kimberly D.Ellwood City1109.3
17.Jolene T.Zelienople1076
18.Katherine V.1061.75
19.Elizabeth M.1011.98
20.Stacie C.Pittsburgh995.41
21.Tobin S.Pittsburgh974.51
22.Edward D.Pittsburgh971
23.Thomas H.Pittsburgh964.79
24.Helen S.Pittsburgh948.7
25.Dionne B.947
26.Jehnie B.Pittsburgh936.8
27.Judith Y.912.19
28.Chris F.Latrobe875
29.Samuel B.Pittsburgh813
30.Amy N.812
31.Brian T.Zelienople806
32.Jami N.770.49
33.Roseanne S.Pittsburgh767
34.Rachel K.Pittsburgh757
35.MaryEllen G.735.85
36.Priscilla J.731
37.Gary M.724
38.June B.Gibsonia722.82
39.Jen K.Pittsburgh714.3
40.Beth G.Butler709
41.Brian B.Pittsburgh706
42.Mary L.Pittsburgh702
43.Michele O.Pittsburgh686
44.Kathleen G.Allison Park684
45.Peg M.Pittsburgh663
46.Christina F.656.31
47.Peggy S.Wexford653.4
48.Niko J.Pittsburgh645.9
49.Michael T.644
50.Amy M.Pittsburgh628
51.Bill Y.615
52.Grace M.East Pittsburgh612
53.Val C.606
54.Jennifer F.Pittsburgh605
55.Elisa Y.Oakmont595
56.Adrianne C.584
57.Dave O.584
58.Joy P.Flagstaff578.3
59.Rhian K.Oakmont569.5
60.Lori C.565
61.Valerie B.554
62.Linda W.553
63.Mary O.Pittsburgh551
64.Jan F.Valencia526.44
65.Samone R.520
66.Kathy C.485
67.Liv O.455
68.Marah F.448
69.Lisa C.433
70.Lo Z.Pittsburgh427.7
71.Jon M.419
72.Ted F.419
73.Eric S.418
74.Katelyn B.Pittsburgh399.4
75.Cynthia S.Pittsburgh398.12
76.Nathan O.395
77.Beth B.Pittsburgh394
78.Esther S.Pittsburgh393
79.Libby M.392
80.Lynn W.376.75
81.Erica F.362
82.MarySue C.Clairton356
83.Patty L.Pittsburgh349
84.Carole H.Pittsburgh333.85
85.Russ H.Butler324.4
86.Kristin K.Wexford317
87.Susan O.Brownsville301
88.Lynn M.Pittsburgh290.3
89.Paul S.290
90.Susan T.North Huntington284.1
91.Cindy P.Bridgeville281.11
92.Kie M.Pittsburgh280.5
93.Erin F.273
94.Sarah Y.Elysburg260
95.Nancy E.Pittsburgh258
96.Diana B.Bradfordwoods233.5
97.George B.227.29
98.Sam S.225
99.Danielle C.224.3
100.Scott H.221.5
101.Kari C.221
102.Doreen H.216.8
103.Diana W.Pittsburgh215.48
104.Patricia M.211.1
105.Susan C.Pittsburgh188.7
106.Erin M.Pittsburgh177.1
107.Belinda B.169
108.Barbara K.149
109.Kevin H.139.1
110.Tom C.132
111.Aubrie M.127
112.Ruthie T.125
113.Marley T.121
114.Andrew B.111.46
115.Rosie M.109
116.Alexis T.Pittsburgh107
117.Cait G.103
118.Chris B.98
119.Lorey B.Pittsburgh98
120.Sue C.95
121.Michael H.92
122.Mary Jo S.Pittsburgh84.17
123.Nyalana M84
124.Katie U.Corapolis84
125.Rakemah M.82
126.Pat T.81.5
127.Jeremy T.81
128.Will M.80.4
129.Celeste S.80
130.Julie A.70
131.Lois B.Pittsburgh64.75
132.Anthony H.Pittsburgh59
133.Annie M.57
134.Brenda M.51.8
135.Mary N.45
136.Mark M.45
137.Kathryn Z.Leechburg36
138.Casey H.35
139.Bryce M.34
140.Jodie L.Munhall27
141.Mike H.Munhall25
142.Carolyn S.Pittsburgh22
143.Karla M.Allison Park18
144.Courtney C.Pittsburgh10
145.Madeline F.8
146.Teresa P.Pittsburgh5.5
147.Christina B.3

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