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Capture the Spirit of the Season and the Outdoors with these Halloween Flicks

Capture the Spirit of the Season and the Outdoors with these Halloween Flicks

By Kathi Radock, Membership Manager

Halloween is right around the corner and even if you’re not a huge fan of horror movies, the season puts people in the “spooky” movie spirit. Horror films can be split into countless sub-genres – slasher, zombie, teen scream – the list goes on.

Since we make it our work to get people outside, this Halloween we’re taking you into the woods, the cave, and good old summer camp with some outdoor inspired picks for what to watch this week. 


(2014, 92 minutes)

Based (loosely) on a true story, Backcountry follows a young couple, Alex and Jenninto Ontario’s backcountry as they head out for a romantic weekend getaway with nature and each other 

Unbeknownst to Jenn, Alex is planning to propose to her. That’s not the only thing she doesn’t know about – he also decided he knew the trail so well that he left the map at home! Along the course of their hike, they encounter a (human) threat to their relationship, a breakdown in communication and a visit from a furry, unwelcome guest. 

Nothing more romantic than being alone in the woods without a map or sense of direction...

Highlights: Jealous boyfriend, strong female, creepy third wheel, canoes, hiking, one very angry bear. 

Who will like it: Fans of realistic horror stories, shots of the Canadian woods, tight acting. Skip it if you don’t like bears. 

Where you can watch it: Streaming for free on Netflix, via IFC Films subscription through Amazon or Hulu, free from the Carnegie Library 

Have you ever tried caving?

The Descent 

(2005, 100 minutes)

Fun fact – I went on my first caving trip with Venture Outdoors in 2005 and then went to see the The Descent at the drive-in that night. This film has not one, not two, but six female leads in a tale of what happens when a group of friends meet up for an outdoor adventure a year after tragedy has hit their group.  

Set in North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains (but filmed in the UK)these old friends (plus one newbie), reunite a year after a whitewater rafting trip to bond over a caving tripAlong the way, secrets are exposed, including, you guessed it – someone ditching the map ahead of time. 

Sure wish we could find our map....

Highlights: Cave creatureslots of bones, and British and Scottish accents. 

Who will like it: Fans of kickass women, monstersand dark caves. Skip it if you’re claustrophobic and don’t want to see pools of blood. 

Where you can watch itVia a Cinemax subscription through Amazon or Hulu, YouTube Movies, free from the Carnegie Library. 

Classic wholesome camp grounds, what could go wrong?

Friday the 13th (1980, 95 minutes)

1978’s Halloween ignited the late 70s/80s run of teen slasher flicks and introduced us to one iconic villian, Michael Myers. Fast forward two years later and Friday the 13th continuethe trend and gave us Jason Voorhees (although we don’t really get to meet the Jason we know and love until the first sequel…) 

Friday the 13th is a story of mothers and sons, revenge, and teens who are less into their camp counselor duties and more into extracurricular activities, leading to deadly results. If you haven’t seen it (or it’s been a while) it still holds up as an entertaining movie that will be sure to have you shouting warnings at the screen. 

Highlights: Young Kevin Bacon, one heck of a fisherman sweater, lake living, the iconic ki ki ki ma ma ma” or “ch ch ch ah ah ah” (depending on who you ask) theme music. 

Who will like it: Fans of modern day classics and summer camp grads yearning for nostalgia. Skip it if you have family issues or aren’t into knives, axes, or arrows. 

Where you can watch itYouTube Movies, free from the Carnegie Library. 

Take my advice, don’t be like the people in horror movies – Bring. The. Map. Even better, register for our upcoming Map & Compass Workshop on November 3! And have a Happy Halloween! 

Kathleen Radock

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