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10 Traveling Pets You Need to Follow on Instagram

10 Traveling Pets You Need to Follow on Instagram


These four-legged Instagram friends will make you envy their adventures.

By Alyssa Stacy | Fall Intern ’19

Nala (@1bike1world)

Nala and her human Dean have been cycling the world together for almost a year now and gained over 673,000 followers along the way. She picked Dean out when he was cycling in the middle of nowhere, and the rest is history.

They’ve been to numerous countries such as Greece, Albania, Montenegro, and more. And not only does Nala cycle, but she also kayaks.

Loki (@loki)

Loki lives quite the adventurous and picture perfect life. He is part husky, arctic wolf, and malamute. He travels all over the west coast with his dad/personal photographer Kelly, and has 2 million followers on Instagram.

Their mission is to inspire people to take their dogs with them on every adventure, and to leave a few more paw prints out in the world than there were yesterday.

Suki (@sukiicat)

Suki just might be the most photogenic cat you have ever seen. She is a two year old bengal cat with bright green eyes and a love for adventure.

She enjoys climbing, hanging by the lake, and checking out the world around her—and sharing that with her 1.6 million followers.

Aspen (@aspenthemountainpup)

I think we can all agree that Golden Retreivers make the world a much happier place. This goldie travels the mountains of Colorado with his two humans, playing in the snow and taking in all of the love.

He’s pretty loved online too, with 292,000 people watching his journey.

Willow (@vancatmeow)

Willow’s owner Rich sold everything but his cat and decided to travel around Australia in a van! What a great feline (ha! …see what I did there?) it must be to travel the country with your best friend.

These two hang at the beach, go hiking, wrote a book together, and have 103,000 followers.

Jolene (@jojotheadventuredog)

Jolene (Jojo, for short) is a two year old rescue mutt from Utah. She is an adorable mutt that loves to go camping and exploring in Utah, and see all the mountains and snow that she can!

She also has great fashion taste—just check out those bandanas.

Gary (@greatgramsofgary)

Most likely, you’ve seen a video or two of Gary on Facebook trotting around in nature on his cat leash. He is a rescue that is five years old and is living his best life exploring the Rockies and sharing it with his 81,000 followers.

He’s pretty cool too. He is a ball of fluff that sometimes wears goggles to protect his eyes when he’s out in the snow (or…to be one of the cool cats).

Marcel (@lecorgi)

Marcel is a six year old corgi, and is London and Europe’s “fluffiest explorer”. He’s been to 11 countries, and is the most popular corgi in the UK on various social media platforms (120,000 on Instagram).

Marcel’s face will bring a smile to yours, and you won’t be able to keep yourself from scrolling through his page.

O.G. (@o.g.adventurecat)

O.G. and his canine Pal Chooch share a few things in common: they love exploring, hikes, and car rides. O.G. is from Oregon and always has a look of curiousity on his face.

Take a look through his feed to experience the cattitude of O.G.

Henry & Baloo (@henrythecoloradodog)

Best friend goals? These two may not share equal name rights in the Instagram handle, but they share a whole feed together.

Henry and Baloo share a home in Colorado but it wasn’t always like that. Henry was an only-dog with a love for adventure that he just had to share with a friend. So his owners brought home Baloo—and they’ve been inseperable since.

Together, they have 1.5 million followers, and often go hiking and camping together. However, Baloo hitches a ride on Henry’s back when he gets tired from all the exploring that they do.

It’s adorable.

These animals are living the best life possible by being loved and shown the great outdoors by their humans. Instead of leaving them behind, they’re along for the ride.

There’s nothing better than that.

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