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Kayaking With CAPA Students

Kayaking With CAPA Students

Pittsburgh Public Schools CAPA High School Students Went Kayaking as Part of Their Gym Class This Week

The North Shore concession is just a short walk from their downtown school. Over 130 students got to paddle on the water, some of them for their first time.

What a great way to start off the school year! Here’s what some of them had to say:

“Going kayaking with my CAPA high school gym class through Venture Outdoors was a wonderful experience! We spent a beautiful morning kayaking down the Allegheny River, which was an engaging way to spend time outside and explore some of Pittsburgh’s nature and charming scenery.

Although many students had never kayaked before, with the help of the extremely friendly guides, every student learned to love kayaking by the end of the day and reported having a great time on the river!”

-Ella, HS Student at CAPA


“On Wednesday, September 25, a handful of my peers and I traveled down to the riverfront. Our CAPA high school gym class gave each student the opportunity to walk to Kayak Pittsburgh for the period. Having the chance to get out of the building and do something that many kids have never done before was exhilarating.

Friendly competitions between my friends, racing down the Allegheny, splashing each other with water, and spending time in the great outdoors was an experience that I loved very much and will never forget.”

-Athena, HS Student at CAPA


CAPA students are just one of the many school groups we work with throughout the year. Even though the kayak season is coming to a close, we will continue to share the great outdoors with CAPA and others over smores, hiking, biking, geocaching, and more.

The upcoming cold weather won’t keep us from getting outdoors!

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