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Get Outdoors With the Entire Family

Get Outdoors With the Entire Family

By Alyssa Stacy, Fall Intern 2019

Getting children outside is essential to their growth and well being. By exercising or playing outside daily, they become happier, healthier, and stronger.

Did you know: Playing outdoors can help to build children’s bone strength and decreases their chances of diabetes and other illnesses. It also can lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease- which is important to watch even from an early age.

Plus, it’s fun.

Here are a few ways you can get yourself and the whole family outside and having fun!

Explore with Geocaching

Geocaching is like a digital treasure hunt. Using a GPS device, follow coordinates to a hidden items all over the city. If you find it, it’s yours. To keep the game alive, replenish the item with something exciting for the next player.

And who doesn’t like a treasure hunt?

Geocaching events coming up:

Green Tree Nature Reserve Geocaching

Oct 19, 1 – 3pm

You and your family will learn all about Green Tree Nature Reserve with every box found. You’ll have your family hunting for knowledge! Sign up here.

Spooky Geocaching

Oct 26, 1 – 3pm, FREE

Kids and adults can dress in their favorite costume to hunt through South Park for hidden treasures. Since it’s Halloween they’re sure to find sweet and spooky surprises! Sign up here.

S’more Hikes, Please!

Fall is a perfect time to take a hike with the family through Pittsburgh trails. Cooler temperatures keep the family from getting grumpy too quick. There are leaf piles to hop in, foliage to adore, and more. To help you find some kid-friendly hikes check the Venture Outdoors Walks tool.

End your hike with S’mores or fun fall treats to motivate the young ones to finish the hike.

Upcoming hikes: 

Gimme S’more Walk

Nov 17, 1 – 3pm

Grab your jackets and get the family out to Frick Park for a sweet time.

We’ll guide families along easy going trails then wrap up with a fire and s’mores. Sign up here.

Neighborhood Walk

During the holiday season, neighborhood walks become much more fun. Take a walk through your neighborhood to see all the houses decorated for the holidays. Ask the kids to pick out their favorite house and pick a winner for your each block.

Upcoming Holiday Walks: 

Candy Cane Walk

Dec 15, 1 – 3pm

Unlike Geocaching, kids will only use their eyes to find the hidden prize of a candy cane. It’s fun to see how many you can spot! Take a walk down a trail and keep your eyes peeled- they’re everywhere!

Meet us at Schenley Park for this tasty treat! There’s no doubt you’ll leave with a smile and some new friends. Sign up here.

Alyssa Stacy

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