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Kids Teach Us How to Get Outside

Kids Teach Us How to Get Outside

by Alyssa Stacy, Fall Intern 2019

Fourth and fifth grade students in our Venture Outdoors summer youth program were tasked with showing us how to do their favorite activity. Over the summer these kids had the opportunity to kayak, bike, fish, geocache, and learn about the environment.

We thought it was adorable, and we’re sure you’ll say the same thing.

First, Get a Bike

Bike riding is a popular activity for all ages. It seems relatively simple. You get on, you pedal, and almost like magic—the bike moves. Most of us learn how to ride a bike at some point in our lives, and this step-by-step guide will make it a little easier if you ever have to teach someone.

Make Sure You Have Bait

Spending the day out on the lake or along the river fishing is an activity that many do to relax and re-connect with nature. The challenge of catching the perfect fish is what a lot of people go fishing for.

All you need is a rod, bait, a good attitude, and patience.

In case you have never gone fishing, this guide will show you—and there are pictures.

Geocache Like a Pro


Follow a Compass

Geocaching is an activity that not many know about.

It’s like a real life treasure hunt. Technology style.

In case you’re still confused, this kid got you covered.

First Aid is a Must

You might get hurt out there when you’re bike riding, fishing, geocaching, or whatever activity you’re participating in. There’s no better way to put in than these kids: first aid is highly important.

These two kids compiled a list of everything you should have in your first aid kit for whatever adventure you go on next.

Yes, there’s even candy on the list.

Leave No Trace

It’s important to not put any more trash or litter into this world than there already is. Trash and litter ruin the environment, can harm animals, and make the world a less clean and beautiful place to live in.

By not littering, and instead- holding onto your trash until you get to a trash or recycling receptacle, you help the environment greatly. Imagine if every person just threw their trash on the ground and in the water—gross right?

These kids demonstrate by making smart choices with the environment, you, in turn, are being respectful to the environment, others, and yourself.

Also, it’ll make you happy.

Pick up Trash

Grab Your Gloves, This Might Get Dirty

Picking up trash is just as important as not littering.

It’s an easy thing to do during a walk, bike ride, or geocaching. As long as you have a pair of gloves (which is very important, don’t pick up trash without them) you can help the world that we live in.

It’s pretty easy! Check out the illustration below to see how.

What to Throw Away

Anything that’s trash!

Make sure to be very cautious with the things you pick up, and vigilant of children who may help you. You may stumble across needles or razors and they have the potential to seriously harm/injure whomever picks them up.

Check out the list below for things to watch out for on your next walk.

If it’s not trash, recycle!

Check your local community guidelines for what can be recycled, but generally paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass.

Alyssa Stacy

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