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Why Representation is so Important: A Poem

A short poem about finding identity in nature.



By Elena Shahen, 2019 Summer Intern 

I’ve always loved nature.

It is wild, unique, and free,

All things I want to be.

Strong and tall

Like the trees

Open to a refreshing breeze

Crackling laughter

Like water rushing through a creek

Or wind rustling leaves

I look and nature,

And see

Who I want to be.

As a girl

I was told the dirt

was not for me

The rocks

too dangerous to climb

The tree branches

Too rough for soft hands like mine

And  the vines

Would never hold up

To the weight of the male gaze

But nature is wild

And so am I

The flora is thick

Like my thighs

My hair is tangled like the weeds

My body strong and sturdy like the trees

My dreams are as endless as the sky

My blood pumps through me

Like all the streams to the sea

I am nature, and so is she,

And so are you, and so it be

I find nature represents all

Who wish to be wild, unique, and free.

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