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Nature-Based Therapist Sara Feley Leads Hikes with Venture Outdoors

Trip Leader Sara Feley is an avid outdoorswoman and have been since she was very young. She’s also a nature based therapist in Pittsburgh who offers telehealth and in person sessions in nature.

Sara is leading a series of outdoor meditation this Autumn walks called Finding Calm Within. Each week will include a learning opportunity and an embodiment practice to gain awareness of how to utilize self, others and your environment to regulate your nervous system.

Find your inner calm – join the next walk.


Meet Sara Feley

“I meditate, find joy in movement of many kinds and nurture a community of humans that I value and love.” – Sara Feley

What trips do you lead with Venture Outdoors?

I lead inner journeys while in nature reminding those on the trip to ‘stop and smell the roses.’

What brought you to Venture Outdoors to be a Trip Leader?  

I value the work that Venture Outdoors provides for the community of Pittsburgh. Nature has been an integral guide on my healing journey and I wanted to give back to such an incredible organization.

What’s your favorite park?

My favorite park is Glacier National Park, locally, my favorite park is Frick Park as it’s right in the city, accessible and vast.

What’s your favorite outdoor snack? 

My favorite snack is a good ol’ apple!

One final fun fact about yourself: GO!

I’m often caught waking up with the sun and running outside to stare at the beauty of the new day!


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