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What a Trip! Valerie Beichner is leaving Venture Outdoors to begin a new adventure

Dear Friends,

What a trip! I joined Venture Outdoors in the Fall of 2019 and since then I’ve loved every moment I’ve been “at work” – because it doesn’t really feel like work.

The Board of Directors is the most engaging and compassionate group of folx I’ve had the honor of working with. The staff is a stellar team of dedicated people who have created a culture of belonging and flexibility while carrying out our mission with gusto. And our volunteers! Oh, where would Venture Outdoors have been or be without the powerhouse volunteers? They have donated their time and talents to create so many of the nearly 900,000 outdoor experiences that Venture Outdoors has hosted, since 2001. Finally, what would this organization be without the participants, who are the heart of our programs? They always bring their uniqueness and curiosity to the table, lake, classroom, or trail.

I’ve loved every moment. But all good things must come to an end.

As of August 2024, I will be leaving Venture Outdoors for other opportunities. The Board of Directors has assembled an executive search committee to find my successor and I’ll be here through the process to ensure the culture we’ve built together carries on. During my four and half years at Venture Outdoors we’ve:

During my final months with Venture Outdoors, I would like to invite you to join me for some of my favorite events. A bit of a goodbye tour, if you will. Join me at these events while we celebrate what we’ve built and what’s to come.

See you aht-side!


Valerie Beichner

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